Dear Guests,

BellaMonte apartments Vlasic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) would like to present you some summer deals for the season 2019.  BellaMonte apartments are located on Mount Vlasic, in the geographical center of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 20 km above Travnik, a medieval town of full mosque, religious schools, well preserved medieval fortress; probably the best-preserved Oriental city in Bosnia, in the spirit of Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andrić and his famous novel  "Travnik Chronicles"...

Our apartments are located very closed to most popular roads for tourists on their travel to the Southern Adriatic coast and Islands (Dubrovnik, Split, Monte Negro), practically on the route of future corridor 5c Budapest-Ploče. Because of that,we suppose that should be interesting for them to spend  a day of maybe 2-3 more and explore the area and our beauty in the natural, historical and gastronomic. Or just a break for freshenes, maybe idea for next time. After the brake,on their way to the destinations on the Adriatic coast, you can continue your journey with a visit to Medjugorje, Mostar, Sarajevo and other destinations, depending on the interests.  Distances: HR - Zagreb 280 km, split 220 km, SLO - Ljubljana 400 km, A - Vienna-600 km, H-Budapest – 510 km







BellaMonte offers 10 fully furnished and equipped apartments for 2-8 persons, services from rent up to full board and experience of the domestic Bosnian specialities  (Vlasic cheese, smoked meat, Barbique,(ćevapćići,bosanski lonac,baklava).) We show you all interesting places in the vicinity, provide several excursions and explorations with the life of the local population.(Visit shepards and manufacturer on famous chees or the manufacturer of wooden barrels for cheese)

We have prepared 3 offers:


A.MINI BREAK - 2 nights B&B for 2 persons + hiking in the Valley of Ugar and waterfall Ugrić (3-4 hours of hiking, difficulty: easy, swim and picnic at the waterfall, drinks)

Price: 100,00 EUR

B.FULL ACTIVITY PACK-3 nights B&B for 2 persons + off road to the peak of Vlasic (1936 m), lunch in the outdoor + hiking trekking in Ugar Valley and Ugric waterfall  

Both offers include accommodation in a type 3 or type 4 apartment, it is possible to connect 2 coupons to the use of larger apartment (tip8 apartments) or extension of stay, extra for a third person (40% on the spot, Children up to 5 years free of charge). A rich host includes breakfast with local specialties (cheese, lean meat, bread, milk, organic food)

Price: 180,00 EUR

C. HOLIDAY PACK – Accommodation in apartments (Typ8) for 8 persons or (type 4) for 4 persons (price per day)

Price: AP typ8 100,00 EUR  

AP type4 50,00 EUR   

For  purchase of 3 days — the fourth day is free of charge, for purchasing 5 days we give you free extra 2 days.


These offers are available  15.06-15.09.2019.